Tumaini Maasai Artisans

Tumaini Maasai Artisans, Tanzania/Kenya, make Bead Decorations and Jewellery

Fair Grounds has been working with the Tumaini Artisans since visiting their headquarters and meeting with members of the group in Arusha, Tanzania in April 2011. 

Established initially by volunteers from the USA, the success of this enterprise means it is now Tanzanian-led and managed, providing income generation and empowerment to a growing number of talented local artisans. Tumaini is a Swahili word meaning ‘hope’. 

Around one hundred and seventy women are involved in designing and creating innovative new products—jewellery and decorations, which preserve traditional Maasai wire and bead art forms whilst appealing to the wider world. 

The designs have been envisioned during creative workshops attended by the Tanzanian artisans and artists from Canada and the US. 

Transforming the lives of not only the women involved, but their families as well, the artisans are respected as leaders in their communities as they build homes, open shops, raise herds, feed and educate their children and give generously to community development. This includes raising awareness and supporting families taking a stand against female genital mutilation (FGM).

These women stand tall with integrity.






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