Tuul, from Mongolia, makes our amazingly warm, beautiful Handmade Felt Slippers

Tuul lives with her husband and five children in Mongolia. She is the main breadwinner since her husband’s accident in 1987. She has always worked very hard to look after her children, and also cared for her sister’s three children and the entire family live in one ger which is a traditional felt round tent, also known as a yurt. They are saving to buy a second ger.

Tuul makes the felt slippers in her home for sale to locals and to Fair Grounds for sale in the UK. The felt-making techniques and designs used for these slippers have existed in Mongolia for centuries. Since winter temperatures in the mountains can fall below -40°C, these slippers are guaranteed to keep your feet cosy. All the wool used for the hand-made felt comes from local sheep, which graze the open steppe (grassland plain). The felt is pure, soft and high-quality.

All the slippers are the result of a long and careful process, each individually hand-crafted to make a colourful, warm end product with beautiful designs.






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