The Women's Multipurpose Co-operative

Women’s Multipurpose Co-operative, from Baguio City in The Philippines, make our amazing Recycled Newspaper Products

Fair Grounds have worked with the co-operative in Baguio City since 2006. Over 100 members skilfully recycle newspaper, transforming it into hard-wearing, useful and beautiful household products and jewellery.

Some co-op members prefer to work from home, which allows them to look after their children, while some members prefer to work in the workshop which provides a sense of community and good working conditions with all the necessary equipment.

Initially just for women, in recent years with the increase of sales both locally and internationally, men have come on board as more artisans were needed and the co-operative model appeals to many people.

As well as paying a fair wage, the co-op assists members in working together in groups, obtaining government help in skills training, purchasing raw materials, accessing low interest loans and obtaining titles to their land

Although Baguio City was not in the path of the 2013 Typhoon, the majority of co-op members knew someone who died or was made homeless in the destruction. It is vitally important to continue supporting the people of the Philippines through Fair Trade.

Two of Fair Ground’s volunteer Directors – Matthew and Steph Neville - visited the Philippines in 2011 and were able to spend some time with members of the co-op. They met Donald Cutiyog, a father who used to carve large wooden sculptures for a living but a new law preventing the cutting down of large trees for environmental reasons destroyed his livelihood. Fair Grounds imports and sells beautiful recycled newspaper Nativity Sets whose characters have wooden faces and hands which are hand-carved by Donald. These nativity sets now provide an alternative source of income for the family. Donald is able to carve the faces and hands from fallen wood whilst the rest of family make and fit the recycled newspaper bodies. The income generated from this work not only provides food for the family but also enabled Donald’s two children to go to college, both of whom have now graduated. Since his children graduated, it is a niece and nephew who are now helping Donald. As they did not finish college they are struggling to find a job and making the nativity sets provides them with a source of income.

We have been working with the Women’s multipurpose Co-op since 2006, and are the UK importer and distributor, supplying their products to shops around the UK, as well as retailing it ourselves.






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