Rag Rug Collective

The Rag Rug Collective from Sikhendu in Western Kenya make our Rag Rugs

The Women’s Rag Rug Collective, is based in Sikhendu a rural community in Western Kenya. The collective was set up by a visiting artist from the UK in January 2011 for the purpose of encouraging and empowering women with disabilities.

In Kenya, particularly in the rural areas, there is little or no support for people with disabilities and they have to rely on other family members to support them or are left to fend for themselves.

Since establishing this group, 7 women have been given a new lease of life, they meet every month to work on their rugs and to catch up and support each other. They have been hugely empowered by setting up this project and were delighted when they realised that they could produce beautiful items for sale in the UK, through Fair Grounds, whilst generating an income for themselves and their families.

The scraps of fabric are off-cuts collected from factories and are painstakingly pushed through old sacking to create the rag rag. The women have been experimenting with designs, shapes and colours.

They hope you love their work as much as they love creating it!






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