Elijah Subha

Elijah Subha, from Jinja in Uganda, makes handcarved and painted wooden animal masks and recycled magazine jewellery.


Elijah Subha is in his 30s and a talented artist who enjoys creating things to sell. He rents a home with electricity which he shares with his wife and children. He is a very ambitious man and as well as developing his wood carving and jewellery making business and training young people to work alongside him, he would also like to own land and chickens. He's delighted his children can go to school since he had to drop out early because his parents couldn't afford the school fees. "I'm getting good money from Fair Trade. The money helps me with medicine, clothes, eating and so many things. Thank you for supporting us"

Check out our video of Elijah carving a small giraffe mask.



Margaret (Jinja, Uganda) helps Elijah make recycled magazine jewellery.

Margaret works alongside Elijah. Her husband died, leaving her in an unfinished house (where the necklace making now takes place) and with 4 children to look after.

She constantly struggles to pay school fees, as well as feed and clothe her children, but the fair trade income she receives helps greatly in allowing her children to go to school, gain an education and have the chance of a good future.

The magazines are recycled and come from the local market, for the brighter colours Elijah has to travel to Kampala. The varnish used is specially made for people making bead necklaces and is non-toxic. Each bead is a very long, thin triangle of paper which is hand rolled around a needle and glued at the end. The beads are then strung onto fish wire, coated in varnish and hung in the sun to dry. Sorted into colours and strung into necklaces with small beads in-between, finally a clasp is added and the jewellery is made.

In 2011, Nina, from Fair Grounds, went to East Africa and visited Elijah and Margaret in Uganda. She was able to see how Elijah makes the wooden masks and also had a go at rolling some recycled magazine beads!

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