Porgai Craft Initiative

The Porgai Craft Initiative (Sittilingi, Tamil Nadu, India) make our beautiful Embroidered Items and Present Bags

Porgai means 'pride' in the Lambadi dialect. Porgai products are made by women of the Lambadi tribe in two small settlements in Sittilingi, South East India.

With a culture and rich heritage known for their colourful appearance and confidence, they have always sought pride in the colours of life and in the numerous designs they have created and worn over the years.

However, in recent times the lambadi women gave up their traditional dress and adopted aesthitically inferior styles and designs owing to the need to blend in with the local culture of the South, having travelled there from the North over 100 years ago.

This trend led to a gradual decline in the number of artisans practicing the craft of hand embroidery so much so the designs and skills came close to a state of extinction.

With the support of a local NGO - the Tribal Health Initiative in Sittilingi, the women were assisted in organising themselves to be able to rediscover their traditions and crafts and reviving their ancient sense of pride. A few of the older women in the community could remember how to embroider and have been sharing this knowledge with the younger women.

The collective are striving towards a self-sustained enterprise that will lighten, assist and dignify many lives in the beautiful valley they live in. The invitation to you is “come adorn your lives with the Pride that the Lambardi People cherish”!

Ian, a volunteer director of Fair Grounds travelled to India in 2008 and spent 3 weeks in Sittilingi and was able to meet members of the Porgai craft collective and have conversations with them about the benefits this work brought them - financial, social and cultural and also discuss designs for new products featuring the stunning embroidery.

In our range of Porgai items are re-usable present bags, the eco way to wrap your gifts that does not compensate on beauty, and embroidered cushion covers, wall hangings, wallets and purses as well as large unique works of art.





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