Mexican Jewellery Cooperative

The Mexican Jewellery Cooperative (Taxco, Mexico) make beautiful Jewellery

Fair Grounds are working with a growing crafts co-operative of rural women artisans from Taxco who are creating beautiful jewellery through their mosaic Lapidary work (traditionally cutting and polishing stones).

This attractive jewellery is designed and produced in the villages around Taxco in Mexico, by women who are using skills passed down to them through the generations. The mosaics are made mainly from acrylic being the most accessible material available, abalone is also used in some of the pieces. The metal used is a Fine Pewter Silver Alloy (consisting of mainly tin with no nickel, no lead, no cadmium and no zinc).

The goal of the women through their work is to; connect the rich handcrafts tradition of their community with the present day markets of the world and to provide for their families so that their children might live dignified lives.

“Our mission is to preserve our artisan traditions and to provide for our families. We are proud of every piece we create.”





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