KWIZ Collective

KWIZ Collective (Kafunda women in Zimbabwe) make our Bead and Seed Jewellery

KWIZ are a women’s jewellery collective. They share an important time together as they create beautiful and unique pieces of jewellery from natural materials they find around them, and wooden beads. The women live in Kafunda Village, a centre of learning in Zimbabwe.

“Our every day work is focused on rural Zimbabwe and yet we seek to share lessons of creating healthy community for people everywhere. Our journey is one of exploring and seeking to live what we believe to be possible, perhaps even living the future today. We are not about so-called development, or about bringing solutions to people in rural communities. We are about people creating their own solutions. And about coming together, working with the diversity and wealth that we have, to create what we need. In this pursuit we have discovered many wonderful things about sustainable community and working with what we have. We have learnt about eco-building, permaculture, renewable energy, health and healing and much more.”   





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