Ecosandals (Nairobi, Kenya) make Recycled Car Tyre Soled Sandals

Fair Grounds has been working with the EcoSandals Co-operative since 2006, after Nina did some research on Korogocho, a slum in Nairobi Kenya after visiting with Christian Aid in 2001 and came across this amazing enterprise which makes stylish, comfortable sandals with recycled car tyre soles. It was wonderful to begin to support them by importing and selling their sandals in the UK and then to finally meet the co-op members in person and watch the process of a pair of sandals being made in the workshop. We spent a couple of days with the Ecosandal’s team in their workshop in Kariobangi North an area next to the more dangerous Korogocho which they had been able to move out of because business was so good.

All the jobs are given to local people from Korogocho, who find out about a vacant position when job application notices are put up in the community centres around Korogocho and then the interviews take place. The co-op originally consisted of just 4 members and has grown to 16 members, all who have shares in the business, the success has been largely down to the local popularity of the sandals with about 80% of sales being local and the rest National and Global. Most members can do most of the jobs involved in making the sandals, and when we were in Kenya we watched and filmed the process of a pair of sandals being made which we hope to edit and upload soon. As well as sandal creation there is the opportunity for members of the co-op to develop other skills including IT and marketing. The business is entirely run from the small workshop in Kenya, sourcing, production, publicity, creativity, marketing, sales! The team make sandals that a guaranteed for thousands of miles, with soles of recycled car tyres and beaded designs in a variety of styles.






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