We’re thrilled you can still shop with us as part of Greenbelt’s digital weekend 2020. We are actually open all year round on our website so you can visit us anytime, but in order to take advantage of the Greenbelt Festival discount code please make your purchases by 31 Dec 2020.  

Usually this time on a Friday we would be putting the finishing touches to our stall and opening our tent doors to you on the first day of the festival. It’s always fun to see who will be our first customer! We love the excitement at the start of the festival – seeing friends and family reuniting, the smells of the delicious food stalls, the sounds of music and speakers wafting through the air, the feel of the outdoors, the ‘whatever the weather’ attitude. The variety of spaces and things to do. The thought-provoking talks and soul-lifting music. It all makes this weekend so special. We’re sad that we can’t be there in person this year but hope that you will still feel the essence of what greenbelt is all about – love, support and togetherness.

Our stall is not just a place where you can buy nice fair trade things, but a place which brings people together – our family for one as we live in different places in Yorkshire but we always come together to help Nina with Fair Grounds at Greenbelt! This is our favourite festival, not just as traders, but as a family we have been coming to Greenbelt for over 35 years. One of us was even at the second ever Greenbelt (at Odell Castle) and has been coming ever since. Long-time friends regularly stop by our tent to catch up, have a drink or charge their mobile phones with us.

It also brings together a wider community of people from all over the world. Although they are not here in person, we bring you the products of producers all over the world and their stories. These are the people you are supporting every time you purchase something from our shop, helping to make their lives better and more sustainable. A community of love and support. And that’s what Greenbelt is about.

This year has been universally challenging and painful. One of the best things about being involved with Fair Grounds is the fostering of relationships and friendships with amazing artisans in a number of countries around the world. It has been particularly hard to hear of the struggles, not only of the individuals but also their families and communities as they face the Covid pandemic in situations of poverty and injustice. Added to that, the unpredictable effects of climate change mean that life has not been easy for many of the people we work with, and yet we've often received messages asking how we are doing in the UK. We're grateful for the technology that allows communication between us all in these unpredictable times and it has been incredibly moving to send and receive messages of concern and hope and hear of the resilience lived out through the pain and the struggle. We are continuing to sell online and are hoping to be able to place new orders before too long. We've visited many of the people we work with and will continue working together to make the world fairer, which in the face of capitalism it is not an easy task, but we have to try. We are grateful to all our customers who help us believe that another world is possible. 

It’s lovely to see loads of familiar faces in our stall over the years (14 to be exact!) and we are delighted every time you come and tells us how much so-and-so really loved their gift or how much you’ve enjoyed using that thing you bought as a treat for yourself last year. And of course, we love meeting new customers every year and hearing about what seminar or performance you’ve just come from. We love catching up with our fellow traders whom we have gotten to know over the years and their generosity.

Greenbelt, for many of us, is our spiritual home - a family - and it’s incredible to share this unique experience with so many people. We have our favourite venues, performers and speakers which get highlighted in the programme or saved in the app. We have our own Greenbelt traditions including arriving on Tuesday to start setting up, cooking sausage, onions and potatoes on the first night and a Goan Fish curry on the last, having a shower during the service (when its quiet) and we know that each time we come our lives and the lives of those we support, become that little bit better.

We hope that you enjoy the digital festival this weekend and shop with us, and we really hope to see you in person back on site in a muddy or sunny field in 2021!

Fair Grounds Stall at Greenbelt Festival