Today is world fair trade day, and it's nice to know that we are playing a small part in supporting this movement and contributing towards a better, more sustainable world. Fair Grounds has been going for about 9 years now and fair trade has been a thing (as we know it) since the 1980s. We've still got a long way to go, but fair trade does make a difference, and is something everyone can get involved with. 

It's always exciting to hear when a well known person with a great following and access to publicity world wide, takes an interest in fair trade, gets behind it and uses their influence to promote it. Last year, I found out that Hugh Jackman had gone to Ethiopia and met with some coffee producers there. He was so struck by the quality of the coffee, the amounts of work involved in it's production and the amount of poverty around the farmers that he came back to New York and helped set up an initiative called Laughing Man Worldwide. 

This is what Hugh Jackman has to say 

"I don't think it matters whether you have a celebrity profile or not. We all want to contribute in the most effective and practical way we can at work, in the community, or in our home. This desire is natural to who we are. When I left Ethiopia with the promise to use my voice on behalf of the community, I thought my voice was the most powerful tool I had. But after speaking at the United Nations, I realized that it was time to act on a practical level, not just talk about or drink fair trade coffee, and enter the marketplace to trigger change from within. I started the Laughing Man marketplace to highlight the stories of the entrepreneurs willing to help others and the people who share in their success."

Find out more about Laughing Man Worldwide

You can watch a video about Hugh Jackman's trip to Ethiopia.