I hope that you have already managed to have a look at our new online webshop and will continue to tell other people about it. We had a few sales before Christmas which was exciting, but now we need to focus on increasing those sales and finding new customers. One of the things that has made a huge difference is the incredible help we've had from a Sheffield-based Engineering student, Tom, and his awesome photography skills. Together with Hannah, our graphic designer, Tom has been giving up a lot of his free time to photograph all of our products for the webshop. It makes such a difference to have great images of products and show the detail in the craftmanship that has gone into making them. We have been continuously adding new products to the website and will hopefully continue to source new products as well. We have also merged our previous information site with the new webshop which hopefully makes it a real informative, easy to use site. We are now looking at producing more stylised photography, with people modelling the jewellery. If you would be interested in getting involved and being a model for us please let us know!


Our newly added products include:

Jnoubi jewellery from Lebanon

Zimele felt jewellery and decorations from South Africa

Zhambala String Lights