You might be aware that one of the main elements of our business’ mission is to help educate and raise awareness about the importance of fair trade on a global and local scale.

I have previously led assemblies, workshops and projects mainly with children and young people in West Yorkshire. But recently however being based in Sheffield, I have made some links with Sheffield Hallam University's Business department, and in December I was invited to give a lecture for 3rd year International Business students on Fair Trade, Social Enterprise and my own business journey.

I was very encouraged by the response from the students who, as well as asking some good questions, were interested in the issues and the fact I had set up a business which was working with and for people across the world. A few of the students came to talk to me afterwards about fair trade and one student – Sanjay is now volunteering with Fair Grounds, focussing particularly on the issue of importing from different countries and how we can best do this. It’s great to have his input and knowledge.

We hope to continue working with Sheffield Hallam University and other Universities as part of our educational work.

I also spoke at a recent ‘Sheffield Sparklers’ event which showcased a variety of Social Enterprises in Sheffield. There was a chance to hear from inspiring people and projects across the city, and have conversations with people who are thinking of setting up a social enterprise. It is always very energising to be at events like this where people’s passions shine through and you can believe that change is possible, and see it happening!



Author: Nina