By Hannah Carter-Brown
on August 28, 2020

Welcome Greenbelters! Although we can't be together in person we're thrilled to still be involved digitally and hope you enjoy shopping with us. Don't forget to use your discount code (valid until 31 Dec 2020).

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By Hannah Carter-Brown
on March 13, 2017

Fair Grounds supports producers around the world, making beautiful products - perfect gifts for that special person or a nice treat for yourself. Many of them made by hand and skilfully crafted, the workers are paid a fair price for their goods and are able to provide for their families.

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By Nina Carter-Brown
on March 11, 2017

Business as usual in the current world order means the gap between those living with wealth and those living in poverty, is increasing. Multi-national corporations benefit financially while farmers and labourers suffer. This was one of the reasons that motivated me to set up Fair Grounds, a Fair Trade social enterprise, 11 years ago. I wanted to prove that business could be conducted in a way where no one was exploited, it’s not easy but it is possible.

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By Hannah Carter-Brown
on January 14, 2016

Education is a very important part of what Fair Grounds aims to achieve, creating a positive change in the world. The business side, the buying and selling of goods, exists not only to provide an income for our producers in developing countries, but enable us to deliver educational workshops and resources to young people in schools and colleges within Yorkshire. 

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By Hannah Carter-Brown
on January 07, 2016

Back in May last year (yes we've seen another whole year go by!) I posted a blog about how some celebrities do an amazing job to promote good, worthy causes in the world. It's a constant battle we have to fight, and it often feels like there's not a lot you (an individual) can do. So we need people like Hugh Jackman 'Hollywood Superstar' to step up to the plate and use their fame, fortune, connections and media attention to highlight a problem or a need. We can do our bit by supporting, not criticising them. 

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By Hannah Carter-Brown
on December 27, 2015

One year I would really love to spend Christmas in another country, to be part of someone else’s family and experience their Christmas traditions. Growing up in Christian household full of tradition and family time, I certainly have a fixed view on what Christmas is, or should be about... 

...This got me thinking about how some of our producers around the world will be celebrating their Christmas.

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By Nina Carter-Brown
on November 27, 2015

It's Black Friday tomorrow but Fair Grounds won’t be offering anything at a sale price. Everything we sell has been handmade with skill and love by people around the world who have been paid the only way they should be – fairly – for their work. I can tell you stories of the lives of the people who have made the things we are selling, human stories which we can all relate to in some way. And any profit we do make goes towards supporting more producers and increasing orders with the people we are currently work with and this can be truly life changing/life saving.

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By Hannah Carter-Brown
on November 05, 2015

One of the great things about Fair Grounds and working with people in other countries is learning about these different cultures and traditions. In many cases, the support and income we provide them with, helps them continue and maintain those traditions. Maintaining traditions is such an important issue. What makes the world unique and interesting is the diversity of the human race. And many cultures in less economically developing countries are being lost to the needs and desires of the fast past western world. 

By supporting fair trade and businesses who work with producers around the world, we can help keep these skills and traditions going for future generations. 

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By Hannah Carter-Brown
on May 09, 2015

Today is world fair trade day, and it's nice to know that we are playing a small part in supporting this movement and contributing towards a better, more sustainable world. Fair Grounds has been going for about 9 years now and fair trade has been a thing (as we know it) since the 1980s. We've still got a long way to go, but fair trade does make a difference, and is something everyone can get involved with. 

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By Hannah Carter-Brown
on May 02, 2015

The Earth is a gift. It provides us with everything we need to live and get by - food, water, medicines and materials to build shelter and tools. Everything comes from the earth. These basic elements are how everything started and is still the case in some parts of the world. Some people manage to live very simple lives, whilst the rest of us have been enveloped in a world of consumerism and 'stuff'. Industry and technology have developed so fast in the last 100 years it's a bit scary to think what the future will be like in other 100 years and how people’s values have and will change. 

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